Financial donations

Donations which are not given for a specific project, or reason, can be transferred here. If you wish to give for a particular project, but cannot locate a suitable donation link, please make a note in the Paypal process, or send us an email to confirm where you wish the payment to go.

Paypal general donation link

Please note that Paypal takes just under 5% in fees, not including any currency exchange fees.

Bank transfer method

Please email us for bank transfer details. Remember to ask your bank or transfer agent what their fees are, if you decide to use this method. 


Our preferred currency is Thai Baht, or alternatively US Dollar.

Local employment

    • Handicraft artisans

      The eBannok Handicrafts project has been running for over a decade, employing local Akha women to make whistles in the design of local birds. The chance of employment gives the women an independent...

    • Outdoor programme

      Our Outdoor Volunteer Programme employs members of the Akha, Lahu, and Karen tribes, all of whom have an intimate knowledge of the local environment and cultures. The construction and renovation...

    • Trekking guides

      Our Ecotours project runs trekking and homestay programmes, visiting local hilltribe communities. The guides we employ are all local hilltribe members, who live in the villages we work with. This...

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