Thai Volunteer Teacher Programme

The Mirror Foundation assumes a wide range of responsibilities within the Mae Yao community. The Mirror Foundation enlists the help of the Thai volunteer teachers to accomplish these projects. These are committed, dynamic individuals of all ages and backgrounds who choose to devote their time, skills and energy to the work of the Group. Most of the volunteers are technologically savvy and obtain information about the program through this webpage.

Thus far over 2,000 volunteers have already come to Chiang Rai to work on the Mirror Foundation's various projects in the area. A typical placement will last for 4 or 5 days, in groups of up to 50 people. The volunteers live with villagers for the duration, trying to fit in to the tribal culture as much as possible. Projects involve teaching Thai (the second language of the hilltribes), helping the farmers in the fields, and entertaining the children with games and songs.

The rewards are numerous for both the volunteers and the children. Volunteers have a rare opportunity to learn about and form bonds within a minority culture that is misunderstood by the majority of lowland Thais and unknown to most of the world. They also realise new skills as they meet the challenges of a much more strenuous life and gain satisfaction from their interactions with the children. The hilltribe children living in remote villages gain an opportunity to practice language with native speakers, derive pride in their culture from the genuine interest of the volunteers can use the volunteer teachers as positive role models during their inevitable integration into Thai culture.

Regular volunteer teacher trips occur monthly.

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