The Mirror Foundation NGO

The Mirror Foundation is a grassroots Thai non-governmental organisation, founded more than twenty years ago. The organisation is split into two distinct groups:

    1. The Mirror Foundation, Chiang Rai
    2. The Mirror Foundation, Bangkok

Whilst there is regular contact between the teams, and a certain amount of work which overlaps, the vast majority of the projects are mutually exclusive. Bangkok focuses on urban problems, whilst Chiang Rai concentrates on issues related to the lack of citizenship among ethnic minorities.

The Mirror Foundation, Chiang Rai


The core projects run through the Chiang Rai office are largely based around the issues, direct and indirect, which affect ethnic minorities in the region. These problems stem mainly from the lack of citizenship, and continue to cause problems even after citizenship is gained (which is a long, slow process, and not always successful).

Projects include the Thai Citizenship project, which works to achieve citizenship for stateless persons that are eligible. The project also helps with legal work, and assists with trafficking or abuse issues on a case-by-case nature.

More information on each project can be found via the menulinks on this page.

The Mirror Foundation, Bangkok

cat-tmf-bangkokThe Bangkok office, based in the Viparvadi area of the city, works largely on urban issues - missing persons, street children, begging and homelessness, as well as running programmes using the many donations received from Bangkok residents.

More information can be found on their own website, via this link: The Mirror Foundation, Bangkok

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