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Update: 17 August 2016

Didier continues to send monthly donations, so we made this video as a small thanks for all the help he's given, and the difference he has made to Nong Chin and his family. If you wish to make a donation for Nong Chin, please read how to do so, at the end of this article.

Update: 2 May 2016

Nong Chin is improving with the hormone treatment he is receiving from two donors:

  1. Princess Sirindhorn: 50,000 THB (1/2 year costs)
  2. Didier (Mirror ex-volunteer): 50,000 THB  (1/2 year costs)

Using these donated funds, Nong Chin is able to receive hormone injections for one year – 1 year supply of hormone treatment is approximately 100,000 THB. The injections are expected to be necessary for another 2-3 years, but the doctor will re-assess each year.

The cost of injections, for the first half of the year, was covered by the donation from Princess Sirindhorn. Didier’s donations are now covering the costs for the second half of the year which began 2 May 2015. With these donations, and the further donations from Didier, we can cover Nong Chin’s treatment through to approximately October 2016.

Changes and results of the treatment

  1. Since hormone treatment began, Nong Chin has grown in height at a rate of 1cm per month, and now stands at 111.6cm tall
  2. Nong Chin’s weight has not yet gained weight significantly
  3. His bones have stopped aching, are growing stronger, and settling into their correct positions
  4. He has no other symptoms or allergies

There is some concern regarding the further costs of treatment, after the initial funding ends in October 2016, which need to be discussed with the foundation.

In relation to the selling of secondhand clothes by Nong Chin’s parent’s, there is still a need for donations of clothing. The first load of donated clothing has almost been completely sold, with the only items remaining in poor condition, and therefore largely unsaleable.

Update: 21 August 2015

Funding for hormone medication: Once the first year of treatment has been completed, the doctor will assess Nong Chin's growth, and make the decision of whether further treatment is necessary. Costs for the first year, including associated costs such as travel and meals, will be approximately 100,000฿

Nong Chin has received a donation from Princess Sirindhorn of 50,000฿, enabling a quantity of the hormone medication to be purchased already - seven months supply. As such, Nong Chin has had his first injection, in the middle of August (2015).

For funding received through our foundation - our Bangkok office is also helping to promote the fundraising.

The goal is to collect enough donations to fund the hormone medication for the final 5 months of the initial year (another 50,000฿).

**A large part of this has already been donated by an ex-volunteer, over 30,000฿**

We have also received two consignments of second-hand clothing from Bangkok, to sell and use the funds raised for Nong Chin's treatment. Nong Chin's family will sell these clothes, in Tung Luang village, themselves - this not only raises funds, but also gives the family a practical way of helping.

The revenue received from selling the clothing, will be kept by the family to use as they see fit - whether it's for travel expenses, education, etc.

Nong Chin has an Endocrine disorder which affects the hormones. This results in abnormal body growth compared to an average child, and causes many complications. Also, Nong Chin has G6PD (a disease which causes severe allergies).

  • Nickname: Nong Chin
  • Full name: Jakrin Kongkaew
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 9 years  and 10 months
  • Height: 103cm
  • Weight: 15kg (weight of the average 4 year old)

Nong Chin’s mother told us, in a quivering voice, “Constantly, for the past 5 years, I have tried to do everything for my son’s health. I took him for treatment at Chiang Mai hospital, but his symptoms got worse. Sometimes, when Nong Chin’s allergies occur, his urine is the same colour as Coke Cola and he has severe stomach ache. His illness has resulted in his abnormal growth – Nong Chin has a smaller body than other children in his age group, which makes his current life extremely difficult. The doctor told me Nong Chin needs to be prescribed a drug called Eutropin, to be taken daily until he is 15 years old, or until his body stops growing.”

For this reason, I came to The Mirror Foundation for help. Eutropin is a drug which falls outside the list of essential drugs, so my 30฿(ThaiBaht) health insurance card does not cover this cost. The Mirror Foundation has contacted the hospital to inquire about the treatment.

The doctor who is treating Nong Chin said that, previously it was possible to continue treatment for Nong Chin, but now that his body has developed hormonal abnormalities, his body is not responding to treatment. Since starting treatment in 2011, until 2015, Nong Chin’s symptoms have not improved. For 5 years now, Nong Chin’s body has changed little - his height has only increased by 5cm - therefore it is essential that Nong Chin is able to receive the daily dose of Eutropin, to stimulate his body and brain growth, in order to be like other children. It will also make other symptoms decrease or disappear. But, whether Nong Chin’s growth will occur, or not, depends on a number of factors. So, it is necessary to observe his progress with the drug over a period of time, to see if he is responding to it. The doctor said to us that, if Nong Chin’s body doesn’t respond to the Eutropin, then in the future he will have an under-developed body, his brain will stop growing, and certainly cause high cholesterol. This is what his mother is most concerned about.

If you are interested in helping Nong Chin (Jakrin Kongkaew), please contact The Mirror Foundation.

Tel: 053 737 616 | 053 737 412 | 053 737 413

We would be very grateful for monetary donations, to pay for the Eutropin, of any amount that you are able to send for support.

(Price of 1 pack of Eutropin 1,185฿)

Bank transfers

  • Account: Hilltribe Children’s Fund, The Mirror Foundation
  • Bank:  Krung Thai Bank Public Company Limited
  • Branch:  Hayaek Porkhun Mengrai Monument, Chiang-Rai, Thailand
  • Bank Account No: 539-1-19090-8

We believe that the power of giving by society is like a jigsaw puzzle – your giving has the ability to support a single small life, returning it to normal health, and the power of giving will aid this mother and child to live together for a long time to come.

Paypal donations

Please use the following link to send a donation via Paypal.

  • Please remember to add a note specifying the donation is for Nong Chin
  • Please note that Paypal takes a fee (approx 4-5%) from your donation

Information about Eutropin for Nong Chin’s treatment

  • Nong Chin must begin taking Eutropin from 17 June 2015
  • The drug must be taken daily, until his body stops growing (15 yrs old)
  • The amount of Eutropin that the doctor has specified Nong Chin should take:
    • Monthly: 9 packs of Eutropin (+/-)
    • 1 pack = 1,185฿
    • 1 month = 10,665฿
    • 1 year = 127,980฿
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