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The Mirror Foundation is a Thai Non-Governmental Organisation, run by Thai and hilltribe staff, working for the social development of the community in general, and for the benefit of ethnic minorities in particular.

Based in the Mae Yao sub-district of Chiang Rai province, northern Thailand, The Mirror Foundation commands respect from the authorities and local communities, and earns that respect through hard work and dedication to its beneficiaries. Mirror works directly with the hilltribe communities of the area, as well as running projects in Ranong province. It has an office in Bangkok, and works with the government to create, improve or change laws which are required to enhance the lives of those in most need.

Update: 17 August 2016

Didier continues to send monthly donations, so we made this video as a small thanks for all the help he's given, and the difference he has made to Nong Chin and his family. If you wish to make a donation for Nong Chin, please read how to do so, at the end of this article.

Update: 2 May 2016

Nong Chin is improving with the hormone treatment he is receiving from two donors:

  1. Princess Sirindhorn: 50,000 THB (1/2 year costs)
  2. Didier (Mirror ex-volunteer): 50,000 THB  (1/2 year costs)

Using these donated funds, Nong Chin is able to receive hormone injections for one year – 1 year supply of hormone treatment is approximately 100,000 THB. The injections are expected to be necessary for another 2-3 years, but the doctor will re-assess each year.

The cost of injections, for the first half of the year, was covered by the donation from Princess Sirindhorn. Didier’s donations are now covering the costs for the second half of the year which began 2 May 2015. With these donations, and the further donations from Didier, we can cover Nong Chin’s treatment through to approximately October 2016.

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The Mirror Foundation is a grassroots Thai non-governmental organisation, founded more than twenty years ago. The organisation is split into two distinct groups:

    1. The Mirror Foundation, Chiang Rai
    2. The Mirror Foundation, Bangkok

Whilst there is regular contact between the teams, and a certain amount of work which overlaps, the vast majority of the projects are mutually exclusive. Bangkok focuses on urban problems, whilst Chiang Rai concentrates on issues related to the lack of citizenship among ethnic minorities.

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Category: The Mirror Foundation NGO


Local employment

One of the best ways to support a community, is to present the opportunity to earn an income. Rather than give handouts, donations or charity, The Mirror Foundation has set up projects which utilise the skills and talents of local hilltribe people, as well as training local youth and our scholarship students.


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Local employment

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    • Outdoor programme

      Our Outdoor Volunteer Programme employs members of the Akha, Lahu, and Karen tribes, all of whom have an intimate knowledge of the local environment and cultures. The construction and renovation...

    • Trekking guides

      Our Ecotours project runs trekking and homestay programmes, visiting local hilltribe communities. The guides we employ are all local hilltribe members, who live in the villages we work with. This...

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